We have set up a traceability system that begins with the seed. We identify each case
by means of a label and computerize all the data as soon as it is received. A lot number
is assigned and accompanies each melon or salad from harvest to shipment.

This traceability allows us to identify, as quickly as possible, the origin of each of our
melons or salads, its origin (plot), its variety and the team that harvested it.

At Soldive Spain, we have adopted this approach in order to always meet regulatory
requirements and to always offer superior quality melons and salads.


Quality control is one of our major concerns. We are constantly striving to meet the
requirements of our customers and consumers.

In order to meet the specifications of our buyers, we ensure a permanent follow-up and control of the quality of our products. Analyses are carried out within the company at different stages of production in order to measure the quality and compliance with the MRLs of our melons and vegetables throughout their journey.

During packaging, we discard damaged melons or those with defects in appearance.

Visual controls carried out by the staff throughout the packaging chain complete these

Over the past 10 years, the traces analysed on our melons and salads have shown
lower residue levels than the maximum residue limits (MRLs) authorised by the
European Commission for all the active molecules sought.

We meet the following quality standards
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