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Soldive started in the Spanish east coast in 1988 searching for the right weather to provide to the French market its most representative product in unable periods, the Cantaloup Melon , setting up SOLDIVE SPAIN , and after that SOLDIVE MOROCCO and GUADALUPE ISLAND (French Antilles)

As a trial, in 1991, we started growing some lettuces varieties with a raising success, becoming one of the main supplier of these products throughout the most important European salads processors –IV gamme- in the winter season: France, German, Holland, United Kingdom (from week 44th until 18th). For that reason and to supply our customers in the summer time too, we are searching for new growing areas which meet these conditions.

Our facilities take up a surface of approx. 8.000 square metres, including offices, quality control laboratory, picking house, cold-store room, phytosanitaries warehouse, 400 metres, and garages for our own farming machines, 1.700 metres.

Moreover, in order to offer our customers a better service, it has been set up a transport company with a large amount of refrigerated trucks. LA RELLANA,S.L.ANA, S.L.

Transportes La Rellana